Booking Policy

At Sano we have 150 seats and we have a casual walk in policy. Please note we are constantly turning tables and in most occasions we are able to seat you immediately, however during busy periods there can be a short wait, in those instances we will take your name and put you on the wait list, normally this is a short wait. However we do allow reservations on a Monday to Friday from 12pm to 5.30pm for tables of 6 or more, please note any bookings for 5.30pm we require the table back for 7.30pm. If you are looking for a table of 6 or more Monday to Friday from 12pm to 5.30pm and wish to book online please use our booking diary below.

Accessibility – At Sano we have ramp access to the main part of the restaurant with accessible toilets. The seating areas are a mix of fixed seats, booths, loose tables and high seated areas, do let us know if you have any particular requirements, this will allow the team to properly accommodate your party.

Seating Policy

At Sano our goal is to provide the best pizza in Dublin using the highest quality ingredients and to sell our pizzas at an extremely competitive price. To achieve this, we require to manage the tables in our pizzeria efficiently, and because of this we only seat parties when they have arrived in full. We have always prioritised groups who are ready to begin ahead of those who are waiting on people to minimise waiting times for all in a first come first serve basis. We appreciate and understand that this can be frustrating for those who are kept waiting, however we ask those who are waiting on people to arrive to consider meeting in one of the café’s or bars nearby prior to coming to Sano as the only space we can offer customers who are waiting for their party is outside the front of our premises and we understand that waiting outside, especially in the winter, for the last member of the party to arrive can be frustrating.

Our pizzeria meets its seating capacity very quickly, and although it may appear at times that we are keeping customers waiting while there are free tables, in a very short time these tables fill, thereafter we begin operating our daily waiting list. This is why we keep one standard policy that is adhered to at all times by our management. We find this leads to a shorter waiting time for everybody, and a better service for all our valued customers.